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Our Services include…

Residental Homes

Our process will make sure that your carpets preserve their “good as new ” look. You carpets should be vacuumed frequently and thoroughly. A huge percent of carpet damage is caused by dirt build up. Oily dirt attracts more dirt and frequent vacuuming will reduce soil build up. Without Carpet Cleaning, harsh and harmful mites and bacteria remain unchecked. Carpet cleaning expenses are minimal, and when you think about the replacement cost of carpets, regular cleaning makes financial sense.

Office Carpets

Regular vacuuming along with the use of the crevice tool to reach difficult corners is indeed easy to do on your own, but this will not remove all the dirt that is embedded deep within the fibre. Simply vacuuming will not help you get rid of the blemishes caused by spills – this calls for a special carpet cleaning procedure using specific products that can cause damage in inexperienced hands.

Hotel Bedrooms & Lobbys

We clean carpets and upholstery for all types of businesses including restaurants, pubs, hotels, schools, leisure centres, theatres and offices. Our prices are very competitive and dependant on the size and type of carpet and when they are cleaned, for example at night or at the weekend.

Household Upholstery Cleaning

There’s nothing like new upholstery to freshen up your favourite soft furnishing for spring.

Flea Control

Fleas lay most of their eggs on carpets and rugs inside a house. It’s not easy to remove the larvae from rugs and carpets by regular household vacuum cleaning alone. The vacuum cleaner easily picks up eggs and adult fleas, but the larvae cling to the carpet and don’t come out easily.

Care Homes

Carpets should be regularly deep cleaned with the appropriate chemicals to help fight dirt, odours, infections and germs. The dirt that causes infection cannot be seen with the human eye, nor can it be vacuumed away. A professional powered machine must be used, one which will get right down to the base of the carpet.

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Professional Service

Carpet Cleanse provides an exceptional carpet cleaning service throughout Bournemouth, Poole & the whole of Dorset at a competitive price.    

Commercial & Residential

Providing both commercial & residential cleaning, we offer our services for carpets, upholstery, end of tenancy cleaning, cleaning for landlords, hotels and offices.


With our expertise we assure you we provide the best carpet cleaning service, achieving the best results under any circumstances.    

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